BAKO Bartnik Kowalczuk Sp. J.

BAKO Bartnik Kowalczuk General Partnership company is a manufacturer and a supplier of exclusive wooden windows and doors.

A window is an image of a house, part of an apartment, which like no other connects us with the external world. We manufacture and distribute high-quality wooden joinery. We specialise in production of windows typical for multi-dwelling buildings as well as individual projects according to customers’ specifications. Wooden windows have accompanied us for centuries. They are designed to protect against cold, wind, rain, noise, and therefore selection of the best solutions and products provide long-term protection, comfort and safety.



Care about your interiors

Our offer of exterior wooden window and door frames has been created in line with modern trends in the construction industry, but also with regards to a variety of tastes and requirements of our customers. The recent technological solutions, highly qualified technical and engineering staff as well as skilled production employees guarantee the highest quality of our products. A wide range of colours, shapes and patterns allow for unlimited arrangements of elevation. Our wooden windows are made of natural, eco-friendly materials which not only are sustainable but also renewable at the same time.


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